Are you ready for a puppy? 

There is no doubt about it a puppy is hard work!

Are you prepared to put the time in at the beginning because if not then you will end up with a badly behaved dog that will not be a pleasure to live with.

Are you ready for house training, taking out every hour in the first weeks. Biting, a stage all puppies go through but can be difficult to manage particularly in a family with young children. Training is essential for your dog to have good manners. It is no good taking on a puppy if you work away from home full time. What is the puppy to do all day? It will be bored, lonely, miserable and destructive.


 Still want a puppy?

If you have given having a puppy a lot of thought and consideration and are looking for a Flatcoated Retriever puppy then please give me a ring or email me and I will be able to tell you when the next litter is due or if any puppies are currently available. I begin my waiting list for each litter once the pregnancy has been confirmed a month after mating. Pups are born another month after this and then they are ready to go in a further two months time when they are 8 weeks old.

Click on puppy image to read about upcoming or current litters.

I will explain to you all about feeding, worming, vaccinations, training exercise, pedigrees, health checks, equipment and other puppy information before you take your puppy home. I will then be available for ongoing support if it is required for as long as it is needed.