Ultrasound scanning


An ultrasound scan can be performed to confirm pregnancy, to estimate number of puppies in each litter and can be performed accurately from 26 days of gestation. This is a useful tool for breeders for planning the management of the pregnant bitch and breeding plans.



What is involved?


A small area of hair/fur between the last two nipples needs to be shaved in order to obtain a good contact with the probe. Some jelly is then applied to the probe which improves contact and then the probe is gently guided across a small area of the dog’s lower abdomen whilst the dog is in a standing position.  


This does not usually cause any stress to the dog and does not take more than a few minutes.


A gestational sac is seen from 26 days and in later scans heads, abdomens, ribs, spinal columns, stomach cavities and a beating heart can also be seen. A  welping date can be provided and a guide on size of litter. I suggest 26 days from the second mating is the best time for a scan.



Ultrasound scanning is a procedure that is better carried out by a practitioner who is scanning regularly and is therefore experienced and competent  



The cost of an ultrasound scan is £30 if performed at my premises. Please contact to discuss cost involving travelling.




Other animals can also be scanned for pregnancy; I have scanned alpacas and African hunting dogs with successful results.


 scan showing foetus and gestational sac
 me scanning a labrador bitch
 measurements are a useful tool
scanning a wild dog